Mentoring overview

Mentoring is to support, encourage, and inspire coaches to manage their own learning in order that they may maximise their potential, develop their skills, improve their performance and become the coach they want to be.

To explain further:

  • ‘Supporting’ and ‘encouraging’ ‘inspire’ suggest it is non-directive.
  • ‘Manage their own learning’ suggests that the responsibility for this lies with the mentee.
  • ‘Maximise potential, develop their skills, improve their performance’ identifies the spirit of growth and development.
  • ‘The person they want to be’ clarifies that this is about an individual establishing their own goals with support from their mentor.

Mentoring vs coaching

Mentoring is different to coaching. As a mentor I might offer some of my life experiences and knowledge to help mentees, but I would try not to be directive or to take too much control of the relationship. Coaching typically requires minimal and highly controlled sharing of experience and knowledge.

It is important to recognise, however, that the skills involved in mentoring, and coaching have a huge overlap, of which empathy, listening and asking questions are key.

What to expect from SR Football Mentoring

Support and analysis of mentees needs

Help mentees to develop and maintain a coaching and playing philosophy

Support mentees to develop action plans containing measurable short-, medium-, and long-term goals

Observe and support mentees to plan and deliver in alignment with their philosophy 

Provide advice, guidance, and feedback and act as a sounding board for ideas, reflections, positive actions and problems

Develop critical thinking and reflection skills

Observation of delivery, feedback, and modelling when required

Help to recognise and develop individual strengths and weakness

Support with planning, doing and reviewing

Resource and recommendations: identify resources that will inspire help mentees with personal development and growth, such as recommending books, workshops, or other learning tools; encourage mentees to join networking organisations or introduce them to new contacts.

Why I would like to work with you

For the last 14 years I’ve been a Tutor and Mentor inspiring coaches to embark on a life long journey of self- reflection and improvement.

This role gives me the sense of purpose that I need and provides me with an immense sense of personal satisfaction and wellbeing by supporting the development of another human being.

I have developed strong values and a vision as to what experience I would like children and young people to have when training and playing football therefore mentoring gives me the chance to support and enable coaches to create the best environment for their players.

I consider it to be a privilege to help people find their true purpose as a coach and to help them realise their potential and fulfil their ambitions.