It took me years of practice, observation, reflection and education to develop the qualities I needed to fully support the development of young people through my work as a coach, educator, and mentor. 

I now want to share my experiences, and inspire you to set off on a journey of maximising your potential as a football coach.

These experiences have nurtured within me strong values and a core passion to cultivate the best possible environment for children and young players to play, enjoy, and learn football and for this reason my main purpose is to help coaches develop the characteristics and skills required to fulfil the vision.

My first experience of football took place at 4 years of age when my father took me to Meadow Lane to watch his beloved Notts County and this was to be my first steps towards a lifetime love of the beautiful game which ultimately led to a professional career.

I have been a coach, tutor, and mentor since 1997 and feel privileged to have worked with so many outstanding coaches and players spending 7 years at Derby County and observing the full journey from under 7’s to the 1st team during a 12-year period at Nottingham Forest. 

This journey has involved various roles including Centre Director, Head of Technical Development, and Head of Recruitment however I have always felt that my most gratifying achievement was to lead coach a  foundation phase age group for a continuous period of 15 seasons and this culminated in one of my proudest moments when in 2015 I was invited to the FA National Coaching Awards Ceremony when recognised by my peers in being nominated as one of the top 3 Foundation Phase Coaches in the country. 

In 2005 I became a Tutor for the FA and this role was enhanced in 2014 when I was appointed FA Mentor for Derbyshire FA which then led to a lead role mentoring and supporting fellow mentors.

The chance to support to support coaches and colleagues through mentoring was a dream come true and has provided me with a wonderful opportunity to not only help others but to enhance my own learning.

Over the past 15 years It has been gratifying to note that many of my mentees have become good friends and are now working in full or part time positions at professional clubs, owners of their own private football organisations, or still engaged in coaching in grass-roots football.

Regarding my personal philosophy two key messages would be:

  1. When planning and coaching there must be a rationale and a Why? for every action and intervention.
  2. There must be reflection in order for learning to take place

“I K I G A I “is the title of one of my favourite books and it is a Japanese concept that means “a reason for being “On reflection I feel incredibly fortunate to have found my purpose and fulfilment in my role as a mentor.