Service Charges

My fees are dependent upon your personal needs and circumstances. 

Our initial meeting will serve as an opportunity to develop an understanding of your requirements and how I can help you achieve your goals.

Following our meeting, you will receive a proposed action plan and summary of our discussions along with the costs involved.

There will be no charge for our initial meeting and no obligation to continue.

If fees are agreed they would be payable on a hourly basis plus an initial deposit of £20 to secure my services which will be refunded when our work has been completed.

How my fees work

  1. My first phone call to you – No charge
  2. Our Initial meeting – No charge
  3. SR sends you our action plan and sessional fees – No charge
  4. Client makes deposit to secure my services
  5. Client makes payment after each meeting/session

Paying for my service

  1. Cheque or bank transfer
  2. To be settled within 3 days of each session

Areas of support

Professional Coach

Support for coaches with aspirations to start their own business or/and work in professional football

Coach Education

Offering additional support for learners on FA Courses – Pre course, During, After. (Preparing for your new course and what to expect, help with the application of new learning, applying and consolidating the learning when the course has finished)

Grass Roots Coach

Supporting the development of coaches involved in grass-roots football

Grass Roots Club

Help to develop all aspects of your football club.
Developing a club philosophy, coaching syllabus, club development plan, developing club coaches, planning and delivery of workshops including practical demonstrations.